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content to be copied from below to make your own affidavit on stamp paper

                                             Minor deed poll affidavit
By this deed we. undersigned (1)______________ (Father) And (2) ______________ (mother) that our Minor son/Daughter (New name) ___________________________ 
(previously called) ___________________, resident of _____________________
______________________________________, solemnly declare:-

1. That for & on behalf of ourselves & our minor son remitter issue wholly renounce/relinguish & abandon the use of our minor son’s former name/
surname of ___________(old name) and in place thereof we do hereby assume from
this date name/surname _________________(new name) and so we remitter issue
may hereafter be called known and distinguished not our son’s former name/ surname, but assumed name/surname of ___________________(new name)

2. That for the purpose of evidencing such our determination declare that we
shall at all times hereafter in all records, deeds & writings and in all proceedings,
dealings & transactions, private as well as upon all occasion whatsoever use and
sign the name ___________________(new name) as our minor son’s name/surname in place and in substitution of our son’s former name/surname.

3. That we expressly authorize & request all persons in general relatives & friend’s in, particular at all times hereafter to designate & address our minor son remitter issue by such assumed name/surname of ___________________(new name) accordingly

4. In withess, whereof we have here unto subscribed our minor son former and adopted name / surname ___________________(Olld Name) and ___________________(new name) affix our signature and seal, if any this ___day of _____, 201_.

Date :



                                                                                        Signed Sealed and Delivered
                                                                                                    by the abovenamed
                                                                                       (_________fathers name) 
                                                                                    (Father’s Signature/Deponent)


Signed Sealed and Delivered
by the above name
 (_________mothers name)
(Mother’s Signature/Deponent)

in the presence of
name & address

2. ______________
name & address

(Signature, stamp and Notary of advocate should appear here)