Name Change Ads in Passport

Publish Your Name Change ads Online

Are You Applying for your Passport. Have you changed your Name ? Name change ads for Passports starts 350/- in 2 Newspapers.

Requirements :  Passport Office has made it mandatory to have an Annexure “E” also known as deedpoll affidavit to be submitted along with Name change ads published in two newspapers. Following are some of the reasons for publishing Name change Ads for passports

  • Name change ads After Marriage
  • Name change ads for Minors
  • Name change ads due to spelling error
  • Name change ads due to Adoption
  • Name change ads due to personal reasons
  • Name change ads due to divorce


Kindly Click on the Location of your choice from Below

  • Connector.

    Name Change ads After Marriage

    Name change ads after marriage is a common requirement specially in case of women here.

  • Connector.

    Name change ads For Minors

    Name change ads for minors is used for school admission and also in cases of divorce. click on to know more...

  • Connector.

    Name Change Due to Spelling Error

    Sometimes spelling error in birth certificates, LC's and important documents leads to problems and passports gets rejected often due to this.

  • Connector.

    Name Change ads due to Divorce

    Name change ads passport after Divorce for Self and the Child. Do you need a Gazette or an Affidavit. click to read more...

Frequently asked questions for Name change ads (FAQ)

  • Q1. Why do I Need a Name change ad?

    Name change ad is a requirement at the passport office in case you have  changed your Name. It may be due to Marriage, spelling error, divorce, personal reasons etc.

    Q2. What are the  Documents  Reqd ?

    The Passport Department has made it Mandatory to have a Deepoll Affidavit also known as Annexure “E” to be submitted at the passport office. Just Scan your Affidavit and send it to us.

    Q3 Annexure “E” / Deed poll Affidavit ? What’s that?

    Deedpoll Affidavit /Annexure “E” is a name change format  made on a stamp paper for an Adult / Minor.  The procedure takes 1-2 hrs. For More details call us on 022-23734638 / 23708196

    Q4  I am so busy. I dont have time can you Pls help ?

    Often People living in cities like Mumbai and pune face a lot of shortage of time. We do complete Affidavit Procedure for you. Our inhouse advocates do the needful.  just  click on to the link   and it will be ready in a jiffy.

  • Q5 How to Publish the name change ad?

    For Publishing Name change ad Just click on the Location button from above and fill in the form there.  hardly takes 3 minutes.  Press “Pay Now” and Make the Payment

    Q6 How to Compose the name change ad?

    Composing the ad is simple. Sample ads are provided. click on the location above and find sample ads

    Q7 When will the Name change ads Appear?

    In Mumbai the ads appear the very next day. i.e  24 hrs However Ads outside Mumbai if booked after 12 pm appear after 48 hrs.

    Q8. Charges?

    Charges differ from Location to location However the min cost of the ad starts 350/- in Mumbai

    Q9. In Which Newspapers will the ad be published?

    Ads are Published in the newspapers which are 100% guaranteed acceptable at the passport offices, so that you dont face problems. However the names of the newspapers differ from location to location



  • Q10. How do I get the copies?

    2+2 copies of  Newspapers published in Mumbai are sent by vichare courier the very same day and it reaches you with 24-48 hrs. Newspapers outside Mumbai have to be purchased by the customers at their end.

    Q11. How to make the Payment ?

    Payment can be made by clicking the “Pay Now” Button. we accept Payment through Debit card / Credit card / Net Banking.

    Q12. Do you’ll Accept Cash/ Cheque?

    You May deposit Cash / Cheque in the Following A/c.

    M/s. Classic Advertising
    ICICI Bank
    A/c no. 623505384698
    IFSC Code :  ICIC0006235  Fort Branch.

    You May Also Visit us Personally at our office  between 10.30 am to 8 pm and make the payment.

    Q13. Do you’ll make Gazette too ?

    we help you in making the gazette for you and the same is home delivered . For details click here