Change of name is a formality to be fulfilled while applying for passport and for other legal purposes in the following circumstances :


  • Change of one’s own name / father’s name
  • change of religion from x to y
  • Change in Spelling
  • Changing long names to short
  • Changing your surname
  • Change of religion
  • Name change ads after marriage
  • Name in Birth certificate does not match with the leaving certificate
  • etc. etc
  1. Just Make a deedpoll Affidavit (Annexure “E”)
  2. Get it Notarised
  3. Scan it and attach with Form Below
  4. Publish Name change ads in 2 Newspapers by filling the form below
  5. Make Payment by pressing the “PAY Now” Button charges : 400/-
  6. OR Make an Affidavit Online using our services. Charges : 500/- (Delivered at home in Pune). Call : 022-23734638 / 23708196.
  7. For making Deedpoll Affidavit Click Here
  8. Affidavit +  change of Name ads : 400 + 500 : 900/- 


 Sample Ads for Change of Name

(On the basis of affidavit)

I have changed my name from PRAVIN BHAWARLAL KOTHARI to PRAVIN BHANWARLAL JAIN as per the deedpoll affidavit.

I have changed my name from vikram Aditya Gokhale to Vikram Aditya Pancholi as per deedpoll affidavit dated 6th Dec 2012


(On the basis of Maharashtra gazette)

I have changed my name from Jeffin John to Jeffin John Palatty as per Maharashtra Gazette No.(X-111680)

I have changed my name from Jayantibhai Babulal Gada to Jayantilal Babulal Gada as per Maharashtra Gazette (X-44336)


 (If Its a Minor)

We (1) Mr.mohammed Aslam Husain Babi  & (2) Mrs. Hina Kausar Mohammed Aslam Babi Have Changed Our Minor Daughter’s Name From   Amira Mohammed Aslam Babi To Taiba Mohammed Aslam Babi As Per deedpoll Affidavit…  



Q. When will the ad be Published ?

A. If the Payment and Affidavit reaches us by 11.30 am the previous day the ad gets published the next day.

Q. Will I be facing any problems at the Passport Office?

A. No Sir, we have been placing ads since the last 19 yrs. The newspapers are all reputed and always accepted at the Passport Office.

Q. How do  I get the Newspaper Copies?

A. We inform you  24 hrs in advance before  the ads gets published. so you have sufficient time to buy the newspaper copies.

Q. What if the ad does not get published. I am afraid etc?

A. This has never happened. Your Payment is safe with us. You can even cancel the ad anytime prior to booking. However  Just Provide us your Order ID no. and email it to us at [email protected] and get 100% money refunded Back.  Only 50/- shall be deducted  as transaction charges.

Old Name*

New Name*




AD MATTER:* use "Sample ads" from above to compose your own ad........

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Attachment - Proof ---Any ONE

The above name change process can be safely used in the Following situations

Change of name for Passport in Pune

Change of name after marriage in Pune

Change of name for minors in Pune

change of name due to spelling error in Pune

Change of name after divorce in Pune