These are some of the sample formats for change of name

(On the basis of affidavit)

I have changed my name from Dattatray Vasant Mestry to Aaditya Vasant Mestry as per the deedpoll affidavit.

I have changed my name from vikram Aditya Gokhale to Vikram Aditya Pancholi as per deedpoll affidavit dated 6th Dec 2012


(On the basis of Maharashtra gazette)

I have changed my name from Jeffin John to Jeffin John Palatty as per Maharashtra Gazette No.(X-111680)

I have changed my name from deepali vinod khanna to Prema vinod Khanna as per Maharashtra Gazette (X-26752)


(If Its a Minor)

We Sadique Anis Tole and Shama Sadique Tole have changed our minor son’s name from Sahil Sadique Tole to Sharique Sadique Tole as per the deedpoll affidavit dated 21.01.2013.